The Girl Who Photographed Mirrors

Once there was a girl who photographed mirrors. She took pictures of all kinds of mirrors: the mirrors in elevators, the mirrors at her gym, the mirrors in bathrooms at bars... Once, on a particularly inspired day, she noticed that the lenses of her friend’s aviator sunglasses were mirrored. SNAP! You better believe she took a picture of it!

She wore all kinds of things when she took the pictures; it really didn’t matter how she dressed since – remember – the pictures were of the mirrors. Sometimes she would be dressed up, wearing her favourite tube dress and eyeliner styled to look like cat eyes. Other times, she would dress more comfortably - an old Syracuse hoodie and yoga pants. But no matter what she was wearing, the photos would always look the same. Her, her point and shoot camera and her favourite subject. Mirrors.

When she posted the pictures online, people would often comment on them.

“Nice selfie!” one person would say

“Ur so pretty bbg!” said another

“Guapaaaaa! :))))” declared her friend, Carly, who had moved to Costa Rica six weeks ago.

She enjoyed the comments of course. After all, it was nice to be recognised for all her hard work. Still, she couldn’t help but feel people didn’t really get what she was going for. Nobody really understood the girl who photographed mirrors.

Ben Brown